Ask Us About Winter Tire Specials at Island Honda in Courtenay, B.C.

It’s a terrifying situation – one that no one ever anticipates. You’re driving on snow- and ice-covered roads and press on the brake preparing to stop, except you slide through the stop sign into another vehicle’s path. It’s enough to make your stomach sink just thinking about it.

To avoid this scenario, all Vancouver Island drivers are encouraged to install winter tires on their vehicles. With special rubber compounds that are designed to perform best once the temperature drops below 7°C, you’ll benefit from enhanced stopping capabilities and traction to stay safer on Courtenay’s roads.

Rather than install only two winter tires on your new or used Honda, protect all four corners of your vehicle by installing a complete set of winter tires. You’ll want to be sure that the tires you buy for your vehicle are marked with a peaked mountain snowflake symbol, which signifies that they are designed for use in winter weather. Proper inflation is also very important since underinflated tires do not provide optimum traction. During the colder months, the air pressure in your tires will decrease, so it’s best to check your tires frequently.

To learn more about equipping your Honda with winter tires, please contact our Comox Valley Service Department to speak with one of our helpful advisors.